Dive into the dynamic St. Louis real estate market with our proprietary, comprehensive STL Market Reports, tailored to your specific interests—whether it's by zip code, municipality, school district, or high school. Our reports present sales and price information for the most recent 12-month period and compare it with the prior 12-month period. This approach removes seasonality from the data, making it easier for you to understand the actual market dynamics and spot trends. Our reports also provide details on current listings, the supply of homes for sale, and more! They are available for the residential market as a whole (combining single-family home sales with condominium sales) or individually for single-family home sales and condominium sales—your choice!

Whether you're a buyer, seller, or industry professional, our reports are essential for understanding the St. Louis market. Click below to access the latest real estate statistics and start making more informed decisions today.

STL Market Reports